No sew doll ring sling

No Sew Doll Ring Sling

I have two daughters and one doll pouch sling, this has never been a problem until today when they both wanted to carry their baby doll in it. So I did what any crafty mama would do and figured out how to make another doll carrier quick before a war broke out in the living room.

Length of fleece a little longer then your child is tall.
3 toy links


Step 1
Cut the fabric to the desired width

Step 2
Feed one end of the fabric through all three rings.


Step 3
Loop fabric back through last ring and pull tight, the last ring acts as a stop.
If you sew you could use a line of stitching in place of the last link

Step 4 thread the rings as you would a normal ring sling


Voila a ring sling just like mommys!

20120128-172745.jpg I apologize for the fuzzy pic, trying to get H to stand still when there is a camera around is next to impossible.

*common sense disclaimer*
This is a tutorial to create a child’s toy, never attempt to carry a child, dog, cat, bunny or any other living creature in this carrier.



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3 responses to “No sew doll ring sling

  1. Hey there. I googled no sew doll sling and yours was the first and the easiest. However, I’m having a hard time (really, unbelieaveble, right?) with the 3rd step. What ring is the last? From left to right, the furthest on the right? How do I loop the fabric through it? Do you have a picture of that step?
    Thank you for the tutorial, and for your time.

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